Three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion John G. “Johnny” Weir says he kept quiet about his sexuality because making it irrelevant is the most powerful statement he can make as a gay man.

Weir refused to discuss rumors – and blatant accusations – that he's gay for years. But in his 272-page tell-all memoir Welcome to my World released in January he finally talks about his love life.

In an interview posted this week on YouTube, Weir said his sexuality isn't important.

“I never thought like I lived in a closet, I just didn't say it in black and white for people that I'm gay because it's not important,” Weir said. “I think the strongest thing I can do as a gay man is live completely normally show that – well, as normal as I can – and show that I'm nothing to be afraid of. I am nothing special simply because of something I was born with. I've made myself Johnny Weir. I've made my life very nice for myself and I've worked hard for it. And I want people to focus on that, not that I'm gay.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)