Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says he supports the legalization of gay marriage.

The barely legal 21-year-old actor first began speaking out for gay rights by recording a PSA for the LGBT teen suicide hotline The Trevor Project, which earned him a Hero Award from the group.

Now the Deathly Hallows star has endorsed allowing gay and lesbian couples the right to marry.

In an interview with gay social network dot429.com, Radcliffe talked about the institution and praised former San Francisco Governor Gavin Newsom for his early support.

“I'm more than happy to say I think gay marriage should be legal,” Radcliffe said. “There's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be.”

“It's fantastic how he [Newsom] has spoke out about these issues over the years. He spoke out for his city. He's not worried what the rest of the country is doing,” Radcliffe added.

Earlier this month in an interview with MTV News, Radcliffe praised Lady Gaga for her gay rights advocacy, adding that the Born This Way singer “has a slightly more flamboyant way of putting her point across than I would.”