English actor Rupert Everett has described himself as a 'maverick queen' for his dislike of authority.

The 51-year-old Everett has returned to the London stage in the role of Henry Higgins in Pygmalion.

Everett has been criticized for advising gay actors to remain in the closet. The My Best Friend's Wedding star said work dried up for him after he announced he's gay.

In an interview with arts glossy Time Out London, Everett added that he dislikes authority, prompting the interviewer to label him a “maverick queen.”

“Certainly, if you had the notion that I had: that showbusiness or theater or cinema was going to be like 1890s Paris, all bohemian and cocaine, sex everywhere and lying in bed,” Everett said. “It isn't: it's like the military. And most people in it are quite militaristic, I think. That initially did freak me out.”

“So would you describe yourself as a 'maverick queen'?” he's asked.

“Well, I have to be, whether I like it or not,” Everett answered.

When asked who he's dating at the moment, Everett was less forthcoming: “An accounting student. From Brazil.”