MSNBC host Thomas Roberts is included in a new It Gets Better video in which an employee says, “Being gay is a gift.”

The It Gets Better Project was founded by gay rights activist Dan Savage and encourages LGBT teens to not cave in to bullies, because life gets better.

The openly gay Thomas recorded his own video last year. In the video, he talked about an attempted suicide at the age of 15.

“At 15 I unsuccessfully attempted suicide,” the handsome 38-year-old Roberts said. “Luckily, my sister found me and saved my life. My family, they rallied around me, but I couldn't tell them what had brought me to that point. But I saw first-hand the pain in their eyes and I realized that suicide wasn't the answer.”

Thomas joins his NBC co-workers in a new 7-minute-38-second video released this week.

“No matter what anyone says, you are a person of worth,” a woman says.

“Don't change,” a man adds.

“Have faith, follow your heart,” a woman pleads.

“To be gay is,” a man says. “It's a gift.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)