Is Max Adler's closeted gay character on Glee preparing to come out?

Adler isn't saying, but in an interview with TV Guide the 25-year-old actor confirmed that viewers of the Fox musical-comedy will see much more of his character, McKinley High bully Dave Karofsky, in the remaining episodes of the show's second season.

Adler said he's been overwhelmed by the response from fans eager to see Karofsky's resolution.

“The fans have been incredible, in fact, I think they've increased their loyalty,” he said. “They want to see his redemption and his joy and his happiness more than Karofsky even knows. They're in it with Karofsky to the end.”

Adler also suggested that Karofsky begins his journey on Tuesday's 90-minute Lady Gaga-inspired Born This Way episode.

“I think everybody eventually wants to see Karofsky accept who he is. Just being himself and not having to hide who he is and mask who he is every day. Everyone wants to see that weight lifted. However, I do think it should take its proper time and its due course,” Adler said.