Maggie Gallagher, the chair of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has reiterated her claim that gay marriage supporters are haters.

NOM is the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage. The group led winning efforts to repeal gay marriage laws in California and Maine.

Speaking last week in Salt Lake City at an event organized by the socially conservative group Sutherland Institute, Gallagher railed against supporters of the institution, the Deseret News reported.

Gallagher told the crowd that supporters of gay marriage are attempting to silence opponents by labeling them bigots.

“What they've done now is that they've stopped trying to persuade people that gay marriage is a good idea,” she said. “What they are doing is raising the cost of speaking out … by directing a relentless torrent of accusations and hatred against anyone who speaks, no matter how civilly, for marriage.”

Gallagher began flipping the script on gay rights supporters last year during the group's Summer for Marriage Tour 2010, a nationwide bus tour to rally opposition to gay marriage, in which she told crowds that “hate is not a family value” and that her supporters were being denied their civil right to vote on the definition of marriage.

Gay rights advocates are certain to disagree with Gallagher's assertion that her group speaks civilly against gay marriage. Brian Brown, the group's president, has refused to denounce speakers on his tour who have described gay people as “perverted,” “diseased” and likely pedophiles.

“What I believe is that pastors and religious leaders need to be able to speak up for traditional, Christian sexual morality,” Brown told a gay marriage supporter documenting the tour. “And they have the right to do that. They have the obligation to do that.”