New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. has called for a rally against an effort to legalize gay marriage in the state.

Five gay rights groups, including gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans, have banded together to form New Yorkers United for Marriage. Governor Andrew Cuomo's office will spearhead the effort.

In a statement released on Thursday, Diaz, considered the Senate's most ardent opponent of marriage equality, said he was “deeply offended” by the new push.

“I am deeply offended that during this Holy Week, which is a most sacred time to millions of New Yorkers, Governor Andrew Cuomo is working hard to mobilize elected officials to legalize homosexual marriage in New York,” said Diaz. “Now Governor Cuomo is targeting communities of faith in an effort to redefine marriage.”

On Friday, the called on the religious Hispanic community to rally with him against gay marriage on May 15 in the Bronx. Demonstrators will march from 149th Street and Third Avenue to 181st Street beginning at noon.

Diaz said he wanted opponents to “paralyze all traffic in the Bronx.”

While a large majority of New Yorkers (58%) support giving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry, support in the Republican-led Senate, where a similar bill died in 2009, lags behind popular sentiment.