Possible 2012 GOP presidential candidates Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty were stumped when asked if they agree that being gay is as harmful to society as secondhand smoke.

Both Republicans have previously appeared in Iowa at venues hosted by Bob Vander Plaats' socially conservative The Family Leader.

At a February seminar featuring Pawlenty, Vander Plaats distanced himself from claims made by the Iowa Family Policy Center, a group that has been absorbed by The Family Leader.

At the seminar series The Second-Hand Effects of Same-Sex Marriage, the Iowa Family Policy Center argues that homosexuality is as dangerous to society as secondhand smoke.

“The Family Leader has not been a part of that [seminar series],” Vander Plaats told a reporter in February.

But last week, Vander Plaats reversed course, telling progressive website ThinkProgress.com that he believes gay sex is “a public health risk.”

When asked by ThinkProgress.com if they agreed with Vander Plaats' claim, Bachmann just answered, “I don't have an answer,” while Pawlenty reiterated his opposition to gay marriage, and added that unsafe sex has a negative impact on society. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)