President Barack Obama suggested on Wednesday that gay marriage is on his second term agenda.

The president has previously said he's “wrestling” and “evolving” on the issue.

But at a fundraiser in San Francisco he came close to endorsing marriage equality, the Los Angeles Times reported.

When Obama told the crowd that it would take more than one term “for us to finish everything we need to do,” someone shouted out “gay marriage!”

“Our work is not finished,” Obama responded, which led the Times to ask: “So, is Obama saying gay marriage is part of that 'unfinished business'?”

In December, the president reiterated that he's not ready to back gay marriage.

“Like a lot of people, I'm wrestling with this,” Obama told gay glossy The Advocate. “My attitudes are evolving on this. I have always firmly believed in having a robust civil union that provides the rights and benefits under the law that marriage does. I've wrestled with the fact that marriage traditionally has had a different connotation. But I also have a lot of very close friends who are married gay or lesbian couples.”