Actor James Duke Mason, the son of singer Belinda Carlisle, has launched a campaign that urges gay actors to leave the closet. Mason premiered his Trailblazers campaign with a 3-minute-40-second video and says he expects Perez Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, Chad Allen, Mike Manning, David Moretti and more celebrities to record similar videos.

In his video, Mason says he's played his part to change Hollywood but adds: “It's going to take a movement to beat the naysayers who would rather we remain silent, scared and afraid.”

“The power players in L. A. have managed to maintain the status quo by using cynicism and fear as tools, but I have always believed in the idea that cynicism and fear can be overcome by idealism and hope.”

“I'm James Duke Mason and I want to be a trailblazer,” he concludes. “Join me and together let's change Hollywood. And by doing so, change the world.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Mason told's Greg Hernandez that the campaign aims to “help create a more accepting environment for openly gay entertainers in Hollywood.”

Last year, Belinda Carlisle told gay glossy The Advocate that she recorded a video in support of gay marriage because she wanted the best for her son, who came out at the age of 15.