The Delaware House on Thursday approved a civil unions bill and sent it to the desk of Governor Jack Markell – a supporter of the legislation – for his signature. Now, two state representatives are talking about why they voted for the bill.

Democratic Senator Dave Sokola's civil unions bill gives gay and lesbian couples all the legal protections of marriage. It cleared the Democrat-controlled House after a short two-hour debate with a 26 to 15 vote.

Representative Nick Manalakos, one of the two Republicans who voted for the bill in the House – the other being Mike Ramone – told WDEL 1150AM that opponents' argument that civil unions would start Delaware down a “slippery slope” are unfounded.

“I thought about it. Prayed about it long and hard myself,” Manalakos said. “And decided I took an oath that put people's business before my personal interests.”

“It became confused in a lot of people's minds, so the fears were out there that we were stepping off the ledge, morally, and I just didn't get that sense from reading the bill,” Democratic Representative Earl Jacques said.

Delaware lawmakers made quick work of the bill, going from introduction to passage in the Legislature in just over 3 weeks. By contrast, similar recent victories in Hawaii and Illinois took years to accomplish. And New Jersey adopted civil unions only after a mandate from the state's highest court.

A GOP-controlled Colorado House committee killed a similar measure earlier this month.