Mark Ruffalo says he's ready to tackle his first gay role in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the The Normal Heart.

Ruffalo – the co-star of last year's lesbian moms flick The Kids Are Alright – will team up with Glee creator Ryan Murphy in the AIDS drama.

In an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Ruffalo said he hesitated before taking the role.

“It's a great honor, but I was hesitant about doing Normal Heart because it probably should be a gay actor,” Ruffalo said. “I brought that up to Ryan, but he said that I was the actor he wanted.”

The movie is based on the semi-autobiographical Larry Kramer play by the same name. The play's 1985 premiere was critically acclaimed. Kramer has signed on to write the screenplay.

Ruffalo added that Kramer is also OK with a straight man playing the role: “More than anything, I wanted to know what Larry thought. Larry speaks his mind and doesn't suffer fools kindly, God bless him, so I made it a point to make sure I was OKed by him. I've gotten to meet and talk to him, and he's totally given me his blessing, which makes me feel better about moving forward.”

In February, Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise recorded a video urging New Yorkers to support marriage equality.