Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has warned his audience against the secondhand effects of being gay.

During Tuesday's edition of the Colbert Report, Colbert reported that Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann had railed against gay marriage during a stop in Iowa.

“Bachmann is shaking her anti-gay moneymaker to win over The Family Leader leader Bob Vander Plaats,” Colbert told his audience.

Vander Plaats recently said, “If we’re teaching the kids, 'don’t smoke, because that’s a risky health style,' the same can be true too of the homosexual lifestyle.”

“Incidentally,” Colbert said. “If your gay sex is causing smoke, you may want to slow things down.”

“But they're absolutely right. They're absolutely right. Homosexuality is just as dangerous as secondhand smoke. I don't want either of them around me. That's why for years I've been calling on the surgeon general to put warning labels on gay people.”

“That's right smoking is just like being gay. That's why you always see people huddled outside work taking a 10-minute gay break. And folks, we've all been there. In social situations it's sometimes unavoidable. You go to a bar with your buddies, have a few drinks, then all of the sudden someone whips one out and passes it around. You can't say no. And even if you do, your clothes end up full of secondhand gay.”