Gays in some unusual situations in the news this week.  Even if no one is asking, Army Sgt. Darren Manzella has been telling anyone who'll listen that he's gay — without serious retribution so far from the military.  The Army medic was profiled is this AP feature which asks the question: Is the US military shifting its policy towards gays and lesbians?   If rocket fire makes you squeamish, how about gay Republican love (a little suit and red tie fetish)?  Despite scandal, insult, and betrayal these 'mos are sticking to their party.  

I'm going to break into your house and whisk you away to an enchanted island for lovers or dump your body in the Hudson river.  Keep reading to find out which.

It's been a nail-biting-front-seat-roller-coaster-ride for Hillary Rodham Clinton's ambition to serve as Commander in Chief.  After a stunning loss in Iowa pundits claimed she was finished.  Republican talking head Mike Murphy quipped in a New York Observer piece before the New Hampshire primary, "President Clinton? Never gonna happen. She loses here, but she keeps trying. She turns into Ed Muskie in a pantssuit. There's your money quote."   But her coaster ride this week was uphill as she won the New Hampshire primary from behind.   Now she's getting marriage proposals on the campaign trail.  

The hills are alive with the sound of journalist integrity from Inside Edition.

Honest to blog Bill O'Reilly was spotted at a Clinton rally in New Hampshire where he used a young red-headed girl as his advanced team.

In the birthing column we have: Nicole Richie gives birth to a girl in LA and Nicole Kidman confirms she's pregnant.   Maybe it's just a food baby, did you have a big lunch Nick?

Carlos wants to add Sodoku puzzles to On Top Magazine.  How would that work, sixty-nine down and sixty-nine across?

Gay marriage in Spain has been a reality since 2005.  Since then the Catholic church has been a vocal opponent to the law.  In recent weeks anti-reform rallies have been stagged in Madrid and the church continues to press the issue.  Yet this week the Socialist government rejected the church's criticism saying the church could no longer "impose" its morals on all Spaniards.   One word: Cinnadunked!

Click here to see Elton in a cup!

Senator Larry Craig continues his legal appeal against a guilty plea of disorderly conduct in a Minnesota mens room.   I'd say use the George Michael defense: Mens rooms are romantic.

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