Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez of San Juan, Puerto Rico has asked singer Ricky Martin to set a good example for young people and stop promoting being gay.

In an interview with Primera Hora published late last week, Martinez railed against the Puerto Rican father of twin boys Matteo and Valentino. Martin announced he's gay last March.

“Personally, I admire Ricky for the great artistic gifts the Lord has endowed him, but please, for the love of his children, for whom I imagine he wants the best, try to set an example to our youth of the great values we all share, besides sex.”

He added that the Roman Catholic church “does not reject the homosexual [but] their immoral actions and behaviors, and trying to promote homosexuality or sexual promiscuity among our youth, indeed, is immoral regardless of where it comes from.”

Gay rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano criticized the cardinal in the same publication.

“Homophobia disguised as religion and under the pretext of freedom of speech is still homophobia and it kills,” Serrano said. “Enough of wanting to impose a moral vision of human sexuality. Sexual orientation is an innate characteristic of the human condition that cannot be changed, it is not a behavior, it is not a disease, and it is not synonymous with promiscuity as argued by Cardinal Aponte Martinez.”

Last month, Pastor Wanda Rolon, an influential social conservative in Puerto Rico, said Martin was leading people to “hell.”