A majority of New York voters support gay marriage, a new poll released Monday found.

The poll by the Siena Research Institute at the Siena College in Loudonville, New York found 58 percent of respondents in favor of legalizing marriage between two members of the same sex. Thirty-six percent are opposes and 6 percent don't know.

“Same sex marriage now has more support than it's ever had, with voters 55 and older and Republicans being nearly evenly divided, and voters younger than 55 and Democrats and independents being strongly supportive,” Siena's Steven Greenberg said in announcing the survey's results.

“This latest poll reporting that a super-majority of New Yorkers support the freedom to marry shows New Yorkers get it,” said Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, a nationwide group that lobbies for the institution.

The poll also found Governor Andrew Cuomo's favorability rating at 73 percent, up from 69 percent last month.

Cuomo has said he'll back an effort to legalize gay marriage in the Empire state later this Spring.

An effort to approve such a law died in the Senate in 2009. Supporters hope Cuomo's wide appeal will help secure a win.

Wolfson said his group is already discussing strategy with New York leaders, including Cuomo.

“Freedom to Marry is working closely with Governor Cuomo, legislative leaders, and our partner organizations to end marriage discrimination here this Spring, and whether through phone calls, legislative visits, or conversations that prompt more people to take action, now is the time for everyone to pitch in and win New York,” he said.