Yard signs for Miami Shores, Florida city council candidate Jesse Walters were found vandalized with anti-gay slurs on Sunday, NBC Miami reported.

“Several of our campaign yard signs were defaced overnight with anti-gay epithets,” Walters wrote in an email to supporters.

Vandals plastered “FAGGOT” over Walters' face in one instance and “SHIT LOVER” in a second.

“It's hard to explain how unsettling something like this is until you experience it,” Walters added. “Some folks are very scared by our campaign, but Miami Shores is not a place for this type of hate. This will only energize us more.”

Walters is openly gay. He and his partner of 23 years, David Traupman, are raising their 15-month-old daughter.

A family photo featured on a mailer distributed to homes on Saturday likely sparked the vandalism, Walters said.

“I've had phone calls, e-mails, even the other candidates made a point of either finding me today or calling me, which was really heartwarming,” Walters told NBC Miami.

Last year, Scott Galvin found about half-a-dozen yard signs for his congressional bid in northeast North Miami defaced with the word “fag.”

If he wins Tuesday's race, Walters would become only the fourth openly gay elected official in Miami-Dade county.