Charlie McCaslin, the chairman of the Texas College Republicans, has resigned his post after using a gay slur to describe a candidate for chairman of the College Republican National Committee, the SMU Daily Campus reported.

McCaslin, a Southern Methodist University junior, defamed Jonathan Snyder, a student at Ohio State University, during an endorsement toast for his rival, Auburn University student Alex Schriver.

“Let me just tell you, character counts. That's why I have a gut instinct this is the right man for the job,” McCaslin says pointing to Schriver.

“You know, the other team are nerds, are fags,” he says to thunderous applause and whistles during an after hours at the Texas College Republicans convention held last weekend in Austin.

McCaslin's toast was capture with a telephone video camera and uploaded to YouTube by InnovateCRNC, the committee supporting Snyder's candidacy.

“I have been on an incredible journey last year because I met this guy, we were both hammered at this girl's apartment and I hooked up with the girl, who had sex on her desk,” McCaslin also says in the video. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

At the end of the speech, everyone cheers McCaslin's remarks. “To Charlie!” they toast.

In resigning, McCaslin apologized for his comments.

“I cannot continue my work for the party in this capacity. The mistakes I have made have put my colleagues, my friends and school in harm's way and they do not deserve to be part of such a bitter cycle.”

“In this instance, my actions were wrong.”