Trevor Donovan, the 32-year-old actor who plays all-American jock Teddy Montgomery on the CW's prime time teenage drama 90210, says his gay role is challenging.

In a photo spread for men's fashion and lifestyle quarterly glossy DA MAN, Donovan talks about his characters' development from womanizer to gay playboy to boyfriend.

“He used to be a womanizer and a player and he started to carry that over into his gay life,” Donovan originally told TV Guide. “[Teddy] realizes that he doesn't know what he wants anymore, so he finds himself in a nice stable relationship, a nice, slow, progressive relationship that goes into the end of the season. So there is a rift, a realization, and then a rendezvous.”

Donovan added that playing a gay teen coming to terms with his sexuality has been challenging: “It's every actor's wish to get a challenging role and to take it on to the best of their ability.”

Donovan's Teddy is just starting out on a romantic relationship with Marco, played by newcomer Freddie Smith.