Shock jock Howard Stern feels Victoria Jackson was saying God is anti-gay in her rant against a kiss between Darren Criss and Chris Colfer on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

Stern, who recently swore off using gay slurs, talked about the incident on his radio show.

In an op-ed published two weeks ago, the Saturday Night Live alum wrote that the kiss “sickened” her. In several television appearances, Jackson went on to defend her comments. And in a new op-ed published Friday, she railed against her critics and argued that such programming robs children of their innocence.

“Her whole thing now is, like, she's very, very Christian,” Stern said. “To the point that she's saying, 'Look, it's not me who's saying this stuff. This is God. It's written. And God doesn't want us being gay.'”

“I think her point was: She's not a homophobe, God is,” he added.

“What would she want gay people do?” Stern added. “Go away and die? Should they kill themselves? What should they do? Act straight now, marry a woman and wreck her life. Marry her and just go out and blow guys on the side.” (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Over the weekend, comedian Margaret Cho said she was “disappointed” with Jackson's views on being gay.