On Sunday's episode of the NBC reality show Celebrity Apprentice, Richard Hatch commented on Jose Canseco's good looks as the former MLB outfielder played gay in a commercial.

Donald Trump asked the teams to create a commercial for a video phone.

Team Backbone project manager Lil Jon came up with the idea of using a gay couple living abroad in Argentina to introduce the product. And Canseco agreed to play one half of the couple.

“Jose Canseco is one good-looking fella,” Hatch told viewers. “Holy cow!”

“I'm supposed to be an older gay guy trying to look young,” Canseco said. “And Richard had some really great ideas, 'cause Richard's gay.”

“If my father sees this. He's gonna basically kill me,” added Canseco, who appeared committed to the role.

In introducing the team's commercial, Lil Jon described it as reaching the “ultimate coolness level.”

While some on the team worried that their ad would offend some in the presentation audience, the commercial received thunderous applause. In the end, Team Backbone won the challenge.