Comedian Margaret Cho is “disappointed” with Victoria Jackson's rant against a kiss between Darren Criss and Chris Colfer on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

In an op-ed published last week, the Saturday Night Live alum wrote that the kiss “sickened” her. In several television appearances, Jackson went on to defend her comments. And in a new op-ed published Friday, she railed against her critics and argued that such programming robs children of their innocence.

“It's super upsetting to see how homophobic and hateful her views are,” Cho wrote on her website.

“I can't tell you how disappointing it was to see her actually hold up the bible and shake it,” she said, referring to several television appearances.

“Why don’t these 'Christians' understand that gays and lesbians and queers are HUMAN BEINGS????? We need to have our stories told, just like everyone else. It’s not perverse and it’s not obscene. It’s LOVE.”

Cho went on to praise Glee's gay romantic storylines. (Which also includes just out Santana, played by Naya Rivera.)

“In fact, we need to see more gay love stories on television, because we have had to hide them for so long – especially involving the younger generation, who need visibility and support and guidance and advice and attention. Glee is the greatest thing to happen to gay kids, and I cry when the show bravely tells their truth, time and time again.”

“I hate to say I am no longer a Victoria Jackson fan, which hurts because she’s really cute – but homophobia kills my boner for someone every time,” she added.