In an interview featuring Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and singer Rufus Wainwright, Shears calls actor Ryan Reynolds the sexiest man alive.

The openly gay entertainers are featured in photographer Tim Hailand's One Day in the Life of series.

Each book in the One Day in the Life of … series provides an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of celebrities. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was the subject of Hailand's first book.

In an interview with his subjects published last month in New York City's NEXT Magazine, the men discuss their romantic lives and who they lust over.

When Hailand asks the men about their Valentine's Day plans, Wainwright answers: “Well, we both have Valentines. And I'm engaged to mine.”

“Years ago I was at a Valentine's Day party,” he adds. “I was about 12 – wait, I wasn't 12. What am I talking about? I was 20. I was dressed as Cupid; it was at this costume party. And I was super lonely. I didn't have a boyfriend or anything and there were these kissing booths and everybody was lining up and kissing and all this stuff. And I was horny and thought, 'Well, maybe, you know, I'll go into the kissing booth.' And I went into the kissing booth, and nobody came and kissed me. And – mostly because I was drunk – but I passed out in this booth. It was great!”

Wainwright, who came out gay as a teenager, and his partner Jorn Weisbrodt are now raising daughter Viva Katherine in Los Angeles.

Shears said he finds actor Ryan Reynolds “kind of repulsive,” then added that Reynolds is “the sexiest man alive!”

Hailand's next subject in the series will be openly gay Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas.