Denver cops Devin Sparks and Randy Murr were fired on Friday, nearly two years after they delivered a severe beating to Michael DeHerrera, a gay man, and lied about it, the Denver Post reported.

The police officers were terminated for perpetrating “deceptive acts.”

“We cannot and do not tolerate dishonesty in any safety agency,” Manager of Safety Charles Garcia told reporters during a news conference at city hall. “We do not and cannot tolerate excessive force in any safety agency.”

The men lost their jobs over an April 2009 incident when DeHerrera and his partner, Shawn Johnson, were detained by police after Johnson was ejected from a bar for using the women's restroom.

After officers had subdued and handcuffed Johnson, DeHerrera, standing several feet away on the sidewalk, called his father on his cellphone, prompting Sparks to turn his attention from Johnson, who was laying face-down on the street, to DeHerrera.

Murr and Sparks said in their police reports that force was required in arresting the two men.

But a city surveillance camera showed Sparks going after DeHerrera as he's talking on the phone. Sparks throws him down on the street, beats and handcuffs him, and then places him in the back seat of his cruiser.

DeHerrera says he blacked out and only remembers waking up the next day in a Denver hospital.

In a 2010 appearance on ABC's Good Morning America, DeHerrera's mother, Denise DeHerrera, described her son's condition this way: “His head was three times the size it normally is, it was lopsided, he had stitches, his teeth were chipped, he was basically covered from head to toe in bruises, his eyes were blackened, his nose was covered in blood.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

More disturbing was the fact that the surveillance camera pans away from the scene just as Sparks begins his beat down.

The family settled with the city for $17,500 in 2009 but continued to push for the officers' dismissals.