Columbia University wrestling coach Hudson Taylor has said he believes the sports world is ready to accept openly gay athletes.

In a Thursday appearance on MSNBC, Taylor, who founded the anti-homophobia website, talked to host Thomas Roberts about his advocacy.

The openly straight Taylor said he decided to act after years of complacency.

“I sat silently as I heard homophobia used in the locker room day in and day out,” he said. “It wasn't until I got to college when some of my friends came out that I really realized how degrading and demeaning that language is.”

“And as a captain on my wrestling team, as an all-American, I have the power and the ability to do something about it.”

When asked if he believes the sports world is ready to embrace openly gay athletes, Taylor answered “absolutely.”

“Absolutely,” he said. “I mean, I think the athletic community is ready for that. We have athletes coming out and there is just more and more people getting on board every day.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)