Saturday Night Live alum and 30 Rock star Tina Fey says if she had to come out gay it would be at the Super Bowl, New York Magazine's Vulture blog reported.

At Saturday's GLAAD Media Awards in New York, Fey submitted to host Andy Cohen's gay quiz.

The openly gay host of cabler Bravo's Watch What Happens Live entertained the audience with an animated game of Fey on Gay.

Fey. 40, said she would pick Sean Hayes as her gay TV neighbor because “Sean is the exact mix of adorable, Irish, and gay that confused me my entire high-school career.”

When asked who she would “dive in the lady pond for,” Fey answered “Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.”

“If you realized that you had been living a lie tomorrow and just decided to come out, how would you choose do it?” Cohen asked.

“I would say either halftime at the Super Bowl would be good, or also it might be kind of weird to do it in the middle of the in-memoriam at the Oscars,” Fey answered.