After announcing he's gay, Swedish footballer (European soccer) Anton Hysen says he's sad no one has joined him.

Hysen, the son of former Liverpool defender Glenn Hysen, made his announcement in an interview with the football magazine Offside, just weeks after English cricketer Steven Davies made a similar announcement.

The Utsiktens BK player told UK's The Sun that he was happy with his decision.

“I have so many reasons to be positive about the situation,” the 20-year-old athlete told the paper. “You have to teach some homophobic people how to think but I am happy I did it.”

“Everyone asks me if I know any other gay footballers but I don't. I would encourage them to come out and support each other. It is sad no one has the guts to come out.”

Hysen is the first high-profile Swedish football player to announce that he is gay. He joins several top European athletes who have publicly outed themselves during their careers.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven Davies recently said that he was inspired to come out by Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas, who came out gay nearly two years ago.