New York State Senator Carl Kruger returned to work Monday after being outed as gay amid charges of corruption.

Kruger, who helped sink a 2009 gay marriage bill, was outed last week by the New York Post. The paper also named his live-in boyfriend, gynecologist Michael Turano.

The two men were among the eight arrested in a sweeping government “pay-to-play” corruption scandal. Turano is accused of using bribe money to pay for a Bentley luxury sedan and the mortgage on the multimillion-dollar home the men share with Turano's mother and brother.

“I am here to do my job,” he told reporters, “and that's what I'm doing today.”

But it was a frosty reception for the Democrat, the New York Times reported.

“No one spoke to him,” the paper reported. “People stared, the way people stare when trying to seem as if they are not staring.”

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., a Democrat from the Bronx and a leading opponent of gay marriage, gave Kruger a “huge, gripping” hug.

Kruger slouched in a seat in the back of the Senate, next to Thomas Duane, an openly gay Democrat and the face of the gay marriage debate in the chamber.