Actor Gerald McCullough isn't talking about the rumor that John Travolta is gay.

In an interview with celebrity website, the 43-year-old co-star of the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was asked his thoughts on Carrie Fisher's recent outing of her friend.

“I loved him in Boy in the Plastic Bubble,” McCullough responded. “I even know the theme song. True fact. Ain't lying. 'What would you say, if we up and ran away, from the roaring crowd, and the worn out city faces …' He wrote that song by the way. He's an amazingly talented man. Live and let live.”

The openly gay McCullough, however, did announce that he'll reprise his role of Roger in the upcoming sequel to last year's indie hit BearCity.

In the film, svelte and hairless Tyler (played by Joe Conti) escapes his twink-filled world to delve deep into New York's bear scene where he meets the man he's been dreaming of in playbear Roger. Tyler plots to win over Roger during the three-day party called BearCity.

McCullough currently stars in the Los Angeles production of Daddy.