Actor Matt Damon wants to put to bed questions that he's seen childhood friend Ben Affleck's penis, but suggests he's held it.

Damon and Emily Blunt, his The Adjustment Bureau co-star, recently answered inappropriate questions from MTV movie blogger and humorist Josh Horowitz.

In the segment called The Yes/No Show, Damon and Blunt could only respond to Horowitz's questions with a simple yes or no answer.

Both giggled when Horowitz asked, “Matt, have you ever seen Ben Affleck's penis?”

“No,” Damon answered with a grin, then asked, “Held or seen?”

“Matt, am I creeping you out?” Horowitz asked.

“Yeah,” he responded.

But that wouldn't stop Damon from sleeping with Horowitz.

Horowitz asked: “Emily, if the fate of the human race hung in the balance, would you sleep with me?”

After a long pause, Blunt answered, “Yes.”

“Matt, same question.”

“Yes,” Damon answered. (Watch the entire interview at MTV.)

The 40-year-old Damon will play gay in the upcoming Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas.

The Adjustment Bureau opens in theaters nationwide on March 4.