In selecting his favorite gay-themed movie, Tim Gunn, Project Runway's demanding but lovable celebrity judge, revealed he's “an Anglophile at heart.”

Gay glossy Out recruited Gunn to help compile their list of 50 Essential Gay Films.

The 57-year-old television personality picked the 1984 film Another Country, which stars openly gay actor Rupert Everett and Colin Firth, who played gay in last year's A Single Man.

“I'm an Anglophile at heart, so give me an English period piece and, by definition, I'm all aswoon,” Gunn wrote.

The film is set in an English public school and Everett plays a gay teen coming to terms with his sexuality. Firth plays a classmate and friend to Everett's character. Everett is eventually rejected by his peers for being gay.

Gunn's own life has been filled with rejection. In an interview with, he said that his parents disapproved of his sexual orientation at an early age.

“In my parents' home, the term 'gay' wasn't even in our vocabulary,” Gunn said. “If I tried to talk about anything remotely related they'd say 'We've never heard of this!'”

“But I think they knew that 'this' was what I was, and that's part of why the sent me to shrinks constantly.”