Iowa Congressman Steve King insists in an interview that he's anti-gay and anti-gay marriage.

The 61-year-old Republican defended his anti-gay record when asked by a blogger from Political Correction why he didn't join other social conservatives in boycotting last weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the inclusion of gay GOP group GOProud.

At least two socially conservative lawmakers – South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan – refused to attend the 3-day meet up in Washington because the gay Republicans were allowed to co-sponsor the event.

“Well, let me just do a little bit of history,” King said. “I was one of the authors of Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act when I was in the state Senate.”

“And I've been a co-sponsor, original co-sponsor of a constitutional amendment to establish marriage between a man and a woman. When the seven Iowa Supreme Court justices ruled and imposed by judicial fiat same-sex marriage in Iowa, I opposed the three of them that came up on retention ballot.”

“I went on the judge bus tour with the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council, and I climbed off of that bus into the heart of the screaming, profane gays that met us at nearly every stop, and I took them on directly, and in some cases actually — not direct violence, but physical. Yeah, so, and then, I went back down and sat down in the radio studio ...”

“You were physically – they, like, physically tried to ...” the blogger interrupted.

“Well here's the extent of it,” King said. “They get right in your face and they scream profanities right at you. And you have to stand there and deliver it. I finally, as my voice gave out, I turned it over to Connie Mackie who is a verbal pugilist of the first order, and they even crowded tight around her, so I turned my back to them and just, I backed up into them. I kept bulldozing them away from Connie Mackie because they were so intimidating and so threatening and so profane.”

“So,” King added. “Just in case anybody wonders what I think about marriage.”