UK singer and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis plays a gay mobster in a Valentine's Day short film.

In the 10 minute short, Jarvis is furious that his mobster boyfriend is half-an-hour late for their Valentine's Day dinner date.

When his boyfriend arrives at the restaurant with an offering of a bouquet of roses, Jarvis' character yells, “I don't want your fucking flowers!”

“I got caught up in traffic, what the fuck do you want me to do?” the boyfriend protests.

“You make a date for 11 o'clock on a Valentine's Day, you don't show up half-an-hour late, you fucking moron. You're pissing me off,” Jarvis screams back.

In the end, the boyfriend has a romantic reason for being late and the pair make up. (Watch the short at gay entertainment website

Jarvis, who is openly straight, recently released a gay pirate single from his upcoming album Is The World Strange or Am I? (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.) The single Gay Pirates is available for sale at iTunes.