In episode four of the BBC series The World's Worst Place To Be Gay?, BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is threatened by Ugandan MP David Bahati.

Mills, 36, was in Uganda documenting the series that looks at anti-gay sentiment in the African nation.

Bahati is the author and primary sponsor of a bill that would increase the penalties for being gay in a nation where it is already a crime. Under certain instances, gay people would face the death penalty.

Last month, a gay rights activist who protested the bill was found murdered with a hammer. Friends of David Kato said he had received death threats for speaking out against the measure.

While being interviewed by Mills, Bahati is seen championing his bill, but things turn awkward and Bahati ends the interview when Mills announces he's gay.

“If I had known, it would be [a] different matter for this interview,” Bahati says.

“You wouldn't have taken part in the interview,” Mills asks.

“No, I wouldn't,” Bahati responds. (Makes you wonder whether Bahati knew Rachel Maddow was gay when he told the MSNBC host that he “loves” gay people.)

“Make sure you're not caught in the act, because if you are you'll be put in,” Bahati adds with a nervous laugh.

The interview ends and in a voice over Mills says: “We were told that David Bahati had sent police to a hotel he thought we were staying in to seize the tapes and arrest us. But luckily he got it wrong.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)