An Indiana House panel will hold a hearing on a proposed resolution that seeks to ban gay marriage in the state.

The House Judiciary Committee will be hearing from backers and opponents of the resolution starting at 10:30 AM on Monday.

It is Republicans' first attempt to define marriage as between a man and a woman in the Indiana Constitution since regaining control of the Legislature in November.

Lawmakers approved a similar measure in 2005. But constitutional amendments must be approved by two separate Legislatures before heading to the ballot box. In 2006, Democrats won control of the House and blocked the resolution from moving forward.

If approved, the amendment would ban gay marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and any government recognition of gay and lesbian couples in the state.

House Representatives P. Eric Turner, a Republican, and Dave Cheatham, a Democrat, are the primary sponsors of the measure.

Indiana already bans gay couples from marrying, but Turner argues that courts could overturn the law.

“If Indiana's definition of marriage is trashed by activist judges, what stands in the way of other laws preventing other perversions of accepted Hoosier standards of decency?” Turner wrote in a 2008 press release. “Once traditional marriage is felled, arguments against polygamy, adult-child marriages or even marriages between blood relatives become bolder.”