Actor Shia LaBeouf was handcuffed by police after a bar brawl that began over a gay slur, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps star was briefly detained by police early Sunday morning after the altercation at Mad Bull's Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California.

According to celebrity website RadarOnline, LaBeouf, 24, was called a “fucking fagot.”

“The guy was laughing at Shia and called Shia 'a fucking fagot'. Shia shot back that he was going to 'kick his fucking ass,'” an eyewitness told the website. “Shia then lunged but the other guy got the first punch in. He hit Shia hard in the face and split his lip.”

Police briefly detained both men but neither is pursing charges. They were both released shortly after 1AM.

The bar brawl is the latest run-in with the law for the young actor. The most unusual was a 2007 arrest for drunken trespassing in a Chicago-area Walgreens. Misdemeanor charges were later dropped because the Walgreens store didn't want to pursue the matter and arresting officers noted that the Transformers star was “very courteous and polite.”