Romance between Glee's leading gay choir boys, Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss, and Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, appears less likely after video of Blaine serenading another man on the show's February 8 Valentine's Day episode leaked onto the Internet.

The clip, which shows Blaine backed by the Dalton Academy Warblers crooning to Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone, was quickly reined in by Fox executives on Friday.

In the footage, Kurt, who is in love with Blaine, appears devastated as Blaine chases after a Gap store employee.

In an earlier interview, Colfer, who recently won a Golden Globe for his performance, said producers are working on romance for his character, but added that he wasn't holding out much hope that Kurt and Blaine would be united.

Kurt's in love with Blaine but it's not reciprocated,” Colfer told PEOPLE at the Fox Television Critics Association party. “But we're working on it. Seriously, he needs a romantic payoff.”

Criss, who turned 24 on Saturday, has been equally vague, saying only that, “The pink elephant in the room will be addressed.”

Glee returns for a special episode on Sunday after the Super Bowl.