A majority of Republican members in the Maryland Senate said Tuesday that they would unite against a gay marriage bill, the Baltimore Sun reported.

The chamber's GOP caucus voted on an official position on the issue.

“We met that threshold,” Senate Minority Leader Nancy Jacobs said in a statement. “The caucus expects extensive debate on this bill and we look forward to discussions of why so many Marylanders are passionate about this issue.”

A gay marriage bill has been introduced in both chambers of the Legislature. House Majority Leader Kumar Barve submitted the bill in the House, while Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola and Senator Rich Madaleno are behind the Senate version. Committees assigned to the bill in both chambers include pro-gay marriage majorities.

At least one Republican senator has publicly stated his support for the bill.

Senator Allan Kittleman stepped down as Senate minority leader last month in part over his dissenting opinion on marriage equality.

“I don't think it was a good move,” he told the paper. “I think there are a lot of Republicans who would want to extend equal rights to same-sex couples.”

The bill has 18 co-sponsors in the Senate, where it needs 24 votes to pass.