Thomas Dekker, the star of Gregg Araki's KABOOM, says he prefers naked scenes.

In the film, the 23-year-old actor plays Smith, a bisexual man who appears nude in the movie's opening scenes.

Smith and his college friends travel on a journey of sexual awakening throughout the movie.

After eating some hallucinogenic cookies, Smith “finds himself embroiled in the gruesome murder of an enigmatic red-haired-girl from his dreams,” wrote Anthony Kaufman on the blog

Speaking to gay glossy Next Magazine, Dekker said the nudity didn't concern him.

“Honestly, I don't care about nudity or sex,” Dekker said, referring to his full-frontal shot in the movie. “I find it a lot harder to do those emotional scenes than ones merely involving vanity. If I could do every photo shoot and every scene naked, I would. It would be easier. People have less to judge when you're naked.”

KABOOM won the inaugural Queer Palm award at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Reviewers have hailed the film as Araki's return to themes he made relevant in his early successes such The Living End and The Doom Generation.