Actress Fran Drescher told Oprah Winfrey on Friday that she and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson had great sex before he announced he was gay.

Drescher and her husband created and produced the CBS sitcom The Nanny, which starred Drescher as Fran Fine, who creates chaos when she lands a job looking after the children of an upper class Broadway producer in New York.

The pair met in high school and married in 1978. In 1999, the couple divorced after Jacobson announced he was gay.

Drescher told Winfrey that they enjoyed a healthy sex life.

“He was a very sexual man,” Drescher said. “I had been with him since I was 15, so I really didn't have a lot of experience.”

Jacobson said he sought therapy after he was forced at gunpoint to witness his then-wife and a female friend be raped in 1985 during a robbery.

“He went into therapy and at that point he got in touch with feelings that he wanted to talk about,” Drescher said, referring to his sexuality.

The pair added that they remain friends and campaign together for gay rights.