New Kids on the Block singer Jonathan Knight has laughed off being outed by nineties pop star Tiffany.

Talking on bi – not gay – cabler Bravo's late night chat show Watch What Happens Live, Tiffany told her host Andy Cohen that Knight was gay.

When Cohen asked if Tiffany had ever dated any members of the boy band, she confessed that she once dated “the quiet one, the shy one,” then added, “He became gay later.”

“Did you turn him?” Cohen prodded.

“No,” she replied. “See I had issues with that, I was thinking maybe I did.”

“Now looking back when we were dating he was so much fun,” she said. “We used to do facials together. He was so easy to talk to and he was fabulous.”

In a Twitter exchange, Tiffany, 39, apologized for the gaffe.

“Really didn't know that was the wrong thing to say,” she tweeted on Friday. “Never meant to hurt Jon.”

The 42-year-old singer, however, laughed off the incident.

“I'm so devastated ...” he tweeted. “How can I not remember getting facials??????”

“Tiff, please don't lose any sleep over it! I know you weren't being mean and I found it to be funny.”

After New Kids on the Block – which featured Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and Knight's younger brother Jordan Knight – Knight turned to a career in real estate and has rarely spoken to the media.