A Wyoming lawmaker has compared gay unions to smoking bans.

State Representative Frank Peasley, a Republican, was arguing in favor of a House bill that would outlaw the recognition of out-of-state gay marriages.

Wyoming bans gay and lesbian couples from marrying but state law also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside its borders. Social conservatives worry that a legal challenge could use the loophole to legalize gay marriage.

Peasley rejected arguments that gay marriage was a civil rights issue, saying it was wrong for the government to intrude into longstanding traditions, the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle reported.

“I think all this is, is an outpost in culture that says, 'Listen, I feel like you're destroying everything else that I have,'” Peasley told lawmakers on the House floor. “You've got involved in the raising of my children, the way I discipline them, the way I feed them, whether or not I can smoke in the car, whether or not I have them properly equipped; you've just gotten into my life so much, let's just let me define the relationship I'm in, OK?”

On Thursday, the House gave an initial nod to the legislation. The bill must now pass two additional votes before heading to the Senate. Lawmakers are also expected to debate a bill that would place a gay marriage ban in the Wyoming Constitution.