Messages between gay Portuguese journalist Carlos Castro and his confessed killer, Renato Seabra, suggest romance between the men.

Seabra was arraigned Friday in New York on a murder charge via a video link from Bellevue Hospital.

The 21-year-old fashion model did not enter a plea and remained quiet as prosecutors accused him of bludgeoning to death and castrating the 65-year-old Castro on January 7 in the Inter-Continental New York Times Square Hotel room the pair were sharing.

Seabra earned fame last year on the Portuguese reality talent contest A Procura Do Sonho, or Pursuit of a Dream. He didn't win the contest but was signed to a modeling contract.

Castro had written articles and books about fashion and was a vocal gay rights advocate.

Seabra allegedly told investigators that he screamed at Castro “I'm not gay anymore!” while he kicked, punched and ultimately mutilated his lover with a wine corkscrew.

And Seabra's mother Odilia Pereirinha told Portugal's TVIndependente television network that her son “was not Carlos Castro's lover.”

Seabra “never hid his sexuality: that he is heterosexual,” she said, the AP reported.

But in Facebook messages that surfaced on Friday on the social network, Seabra flatters Castro and sends him a “big kiss.”

In their first conversation, dated October 9, Castro messages to Seabra, “Hello Renato thanks and a hug.”

In other conversations, Renato asks the journalist for advice on the fashion world.

In an October 16 exchange, Castro calls Seabra “querido,” a form of endearment that could suggest more than friendship.

Seabra replies, “As I said I think about you as well … I want to be with you! A big kiss.”