A week after apologizing to the gay community, Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez has decided to step down form his post, the Los Angeles Times reported.

On December 28, the city released its findings of a probe into the police department's handling of a June 2009 undercover sex sting operation that targeted gay men in the Warm Sands neighborhood, prompting Dominguez to apologize for making an “inappropriate comment.”

Dominguez said “what a bunch of filthy motherfuckers” and told officers participating in the raid that they “should get paid extra for this,” according to a complaint filed by an officer who took part in the sting.

According to the complaint, handsome and muscular young police officers dressed in tight jeans and wifebeaters lured gay men by rubbing their crotches. The sting netted 19 men.

In delivering his report, City Manager David Ready called the operation unprofessional.

“Portions of the operation were not conducted according to the professional standards that are expected of our police department,” he said. “As a result, appropriate disciplinary correction action has already been taken.”

“After careful consideration of the events surrounding the Warm Sands undercover operation, I believe this decision is in the best interest of my family, the city and the police Department,” Dominguez said in announcing his retirement.

Mayor Steve Pougnet, an openly gay 2010 congressional candidate, said Dominguez's decision will allow Palm Springs to “begin the healing process.”