The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Wednesday launched a campaign decrying the tactics of gay marriage group FCKH8.

The nascent group, helmed by producer-activist Luke Montgomery, sells t-shirts, stickers and calendars to support gay rights groups.

The group's first video Prop 8 is H8: Straight Talk on Gay Marriage has been viewed more than 2 million times. But its frequent – some would say excessive – use of the word fuck has divided gay rights advocates.

Now FCKH8's in-your-face message is coming under attack from gay marriage foe NOM, which is urging gay rights groups to disassociate themselves from the group.

“The American Foundation for Equal Rights, Equality California, Courage Campaign and Lambda Legal have certainly reached a low point displaying a poor lack of judgment for refusing to disassociate themselves from this video of real children shouting angry profanities as props to raise money for their cause,” Brian Brown, president of NOM, said in a statement.

NOM has launched a petition drive asking gay rights groups to repudiate's tactics.

In a two-minute-twenty-four-second video to promote the campaign, a female announcer asks, “Are these the kind of values gay marriage advocates are determined to preach in our society? Is this how they want to indoctrinate our kids?”

“And please, don't forget to pray for the innocent children who are being used to promote hatred through this video,” she adds near the end of the ad. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Speaking to gay glossy The Advocate, the man behind the video, Montgomery, wasn't offering any apologies.

“We're always having to censor ourselves and ask politely for people to like us and care about us,” he said. “No! We're f-bombing hate. And we're having fun doing it.”

“This is how I feel and this is how millions of other people feel,” he added. “It's honest. There are all sorts of honest messages out there. But we edit ourselves. We get pushed around.”

“We really are trying to use a bad word for a good cause.”

Earlier this month, singer Adam Lambert tweeted support for the group, and Glee alum Jane Lynch has also shown interest.