An upcoming The Nate Berkus Show devoted to anti-gay bullying will feature Chely Wright and Wendy Walsh.

Wendy Walsh is the mother of Seth Walsh, the 13-year-old gay Californian student who was bullied to death. Seth hanged himself in September after suffering years of torment from his classmates.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) this week released a video of a tearful Wendy reading the suicide note her son left behind. The mother says she's speaking out in hopes of raising greater awareness. She also wants her son's former school to address the problem of bullying.

Also appearing on the program will be country music star Chely Wright.

Wright will tour the youth lounge at YES, an LGBT community center in New York that Berkus has redesigned. The center will be named in Seth Walsh's honor.

The topic is especially personal for Berkus and Wright, who are openly gay and strong advocates for gay-inclusive anti-bullying policies that protect children.

The episode, titled Rebuilding Home After Tragedy airs on December 29.