Darren Criss has won the 2010 Greggy Award for his portrayal of out-and-proud student Blaine on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

The annual award is handed out by gay entertainment website GregInHollywood.com, which is edited by longtime Hollywood corresponded Greg Hernandez.

“It's so exciting when someone you have never heard of just bursts onto the scene and dazzles us with their talent and personality,” Hernandez wrote in a blog post announcing the winner.

“That is what happened this fall when Darren Criss debuted on Glee as Blaine, a member of a rival high school singing group who is openly gay and befriends Kurt (Chris Colfer).”

The introduction of Criss – and a third gay character, closeted football player Dave Karofsky, played by Max Adler – has turned Glee into one of the most gay inclusive shows on network television.

The 23-year-old San Francisco native has said he's honored to play gay student Blaine and is not concerned about being typecast as the gay kid.

Blaine “makes such a great addition to the many-colored palette that is Glee. So as far as me having any reservations about it, no,” Criss told Interview magazine. “I read it being like, this would be so cool, whoever gets to play this, it's going to be a great thing for an already great show.”

And he added that his character has a lot of potential to have a positive influence: “Of course, being gay really is an important part of who he is. … It's a really positive thing, and I feel very privileged to be the vessel for that, and I hope it speaks to a lot of people who struggle to find a model for who they are and where they fit in.”