Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has cheered repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the 17-year-old law that bans gay and bisexual troops from serving openly.

On Saturday, the Senate approved repeal of the law that has ended the military careers of more than 13,000 service members. House members overwhelmingly voted in favor of repeal on Wednesday. President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill into law next week.

“This is a historic step forward for all Americans, a step toward a more perfect union and a more perfect reflection of our core values,” Clinton said in a statement released on Saturday.

“As the president and I have repeatedly said, we are committed to universal standards abroad and here at home. Our progress on equality here strengthens our advocacy for human dignity everywhere,” she added.

The Senate's final 65 to 31 vote included eight Republicans. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the only Democrat not to vote for repeal, did not attend the vote, but later said in a statement that he does not believe the timing is right for repeal.