Bisexual porn star Derrick Burts, who performs in gay films as Derek Chambers and as Cameron Reid in straight films, is being questioned on his claim that he acquired HIV while filming gay sex.

In October, Burts, who was identified only as “Patient Zeta” in media reports, tested positive for HIV, shutting down the straight adult film industry for more than a month.

Last week, the 24-year-old outed himself at a press conference to denounce safety procedures used by the adult porn industry. Burts said he felt compelled to come forward to call on the straight porn industry to follow the lead of gay porn studios and mandate condom use.

Burts insists he must have acquired the virus that causes AIDS while filming a gay production because outside of adult films he's only had sex with his girlfriend, also a porn industry performer. He's said that he believes he was probably infected during a gay porn shoot in Florida, where condoms were used during intercourse but not oral sex.

“It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that Derrick Burts aka Derek Chambers aka Cameron Reid DID NOT contract the HIV virus while shooting a scene for a pornographic movie (gay or straight),” talent agent Mark Spiegler said on Monday, reported.

Spiegler goes on to offer Burts $1,000 to take a lie-detector test.

“The examiner would be instructed to only ask Mr. Burts questions relating to his filming pornographic movies – as well as questions regarding whether or not Mr. Burts engaged in escorting (gay or straight).”

Burts has denied he worked as an escort, although he acknowledges he advertised on the gay website

Burts' claim that he has not engaged in gay sex outside of his work as an adult performer is also at odds with an interview he gave with gay porn studio JetSet, in which he says he prefers shooting gay porn and “I really enjoy bottoming.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)