Ecuador will have its first gay marriage this Friday, December 10.

Joey Hateley and Hugo Vera will exchange vows in Quito during a civil ceremony officiated by Councilor Norman Wray, the president of the Metropolitan Commission on Gender (Comision Metropolitana de Genero), according to the website

Hateley, the artistic director of TransAction Theatre Company, transitioned from a woman to man, but is legally considered female. The British-born thirty-five-year-old Hateley and Vera, a twenty-three year-old Ecuadorian, are considered a gay couple and can only marry due to that technicality.

“The couple Hateley-Vera are considered a gay couple like any other, with the difference that they can marry and procreate,” the group wrote in its announcement.

According to Hateley's profile posted on Facebook, he is an MA graduate from Lancaster University and is currently teaching at Manchester University.

“Joey has performed and worked with trans adults and vulnerable young people in Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, India, Namibia, Peru, Quito, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, USA and the UK,” the profile reads.

The couple is expected to marry at 3PM at the Civil Registry office.